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Liliput L131191 Steam BR75278-DRG View full size

Liliput L131191 Steam BR75278-DRG

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Liliput L131191 Steam BR75278-DRG ( BRAND NEW in BOX )

Model: Housing, chassis and wheels of die cast metal, 3-pole motor with a flywheel Traction tires, digital interface for pluggable 21-pin decoder, prepared for speaker installation, close coupler mechanisms, NEM coupler pockets 362, prepared for smoke generator, two-light LED headlights with the direction of travel , Rec. Minimum radius of 360 mm, an overall length of 135 mm 

The Baden VI b was the first German tank locomotive with the wheel arrangement 1'C1 '. It was developed by Maffei for the Grand Ducal Baden State Railways to improve the operation, among others, on the Höllentalbahn. 1900 were still found to be saturated steam locomotives in service 15 copies. By 1908 followed by a further eight series of around 100 machines. A striking feature of these locomotives was the connecting pipe between the two steam domes. With its 540 hp and a top speed of 80 km / h, it was too weak for the service on main lines soon and gradually became the stronger, and faster and also by about 1000 mm long successor, the series VI c, displaced. But despite all this or perhaps because of these machines gradually distributed all over Germany. Of the 131 locomotives were taken over 122 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn and classified in the series 751-3. In the years 1921 and 1923, again another 42 locomotives were delivered. In the inventory of the German Federal Railroad reached 117 vehicles. In 1962 the last Vertrerterin these machines was retired with 75 299 eventually. The German Reichsbahn in the GDR territory-based seven machines that were retired by 1965.